Track, analyze and diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Completely Anonymous

We never require you to sign in. All your data is stored in local storage. And you can interact with the blockchain directly. We are a crypto portfolio dApp. Think of EFOLIO as Blockfolio meets My Ether Wallet.

Track Across Crypto Currencies and Tokens

We support the top 1000 coins and tokens, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to the more obscure tokens. See all the coins we support. Once you have your portfolio positions entered, you can see your asset allocation and get real time updates.

Read The Whitepaper

Interested in the long term vision for eFolio? Check out our whitepaper and let us know what you think!

Price Calculator

Get the latest conversions from crypto currencies to native currencies. We support a range of fiat currency conversions (EUR, CAD, etc.) so you can track your portfolio's worth in your native currency.

Diversify Your Coins

You wouldn't have just one stock in your portfolio -- why not diversify your crypto portfolio? With our ShapeShift integration , we make it easy to convert from one crypto currency to another without ever leaving the EFOLIO website.

Earn Free Tokens

We don't sell tokens; we give them away! You can unlock achievements on the site and we'll reward you with POINT tokens. Get them before they are gone! Learn more!

Ethereum Name Service Lookup (WHOIS)

Discover key information about any ENS name. ENS is the Ethereum Name Service which is a distributed, extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum Address Lookup

Have an Ethereum address? Use our address look up form. It builds a portfolio of the holdings of that address on the fly.

Sync Your ERC20 Token Balances

Have you bought ERC20 tokens? Provide your public Ethereum addresses and we will query the blockchain and update your portfolio with your current balances. If you buy or sell tokens, you can always resync your balance.

Trezor Integration

We have native integration with the Trezor, including Shapeshift integration for diversifying your portfolio and import capabilities. Read the official Trezor docs here.

Share Your Portfolio

Easily share your portfolio with the world so others can learn from your portfolio.

New To Cryptocurrency?

Read our getting started guide for recommendations on exchanges, wallets and more.